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The Plastics Up company is aware of the importance of making its services accessible to the general public, including people with disabilities, and operates according to the guidelines of the law and the regulations that define the manner of accessibility and the timetables for its implementation. We see great importance in providing equal service to all customers and improving the service provided to customers with disabilities. We invest a lot of resources in making our website and digital assets more accessible in order to make the company’s services more available for people with disabilities resulting from, among other things, various motor disabilities, cognitive impairments, myopia, blindness or color blindness, hearing impairments, as well as a population that belongs to the elderly.
Using the accessibility component:
The enable accessibility plugin is embedded on this website, which helps make the website accessible to people with disabilities.
Repairs and adjustments made
The navigation on the site is simple and clear.
The site’s contents are written in a clear, orderly and hierarchical manner. If necessary, there are explanations next to the content.
The site is optimized for viewing in modern browsers.
Adapting the site to display compatible with a variety of screens and resolutions.
The website content is written in simple and clear language.
All pages on the site have a fixed structure.
The site allows changing the font size by using the Ctrl key and the mouse wheel.
Menu user guide:
The site adjustment button and site tags for assistive devices and technologies for people with disabilities
Button to enable navigation using the keyboard keys between the links on the site
The button to disable the flickering and/or moving elements on the screen
Black and white monochrome mode enable button for the color blind
sepia button (brown shade)
High contrast toggle button
Black and yellow button
Color invert button
A button that clearly highlights all the title tags that appear on the site
A button that clearly highlights all the links that appear on the site
A button that displays the alternative description of all the images that appear on the website on mouseover
A button that displays a permanent description of the photos on the site
A button to cancel using a legible font
Button to increase the font size on the site
The button to reduce the size of the fonts on the site
Button to increase the entire display to about 200%
button to reduce the entire display to about 70%
Mouse cursor increase button
Button to increase the mouse cursor and change its color to black
Site reading mode button
A button that displays the accessibility statement
A reset button that cancels accessibility
Send accessibility feedback button
Button to change the language of the bar and the accessibility statement accordingly
The accessibility bar has 2 types of magnification for your convenience, but if you want to enlarge the letters even more, you can use the following keyboard functions:
The Esc key will open and close the accessibility bar
The Ctrl + key will enlarge the text on the site
Ctrl key – will reduce the text on the site
The Ctrl 0 key will return the site to its original size
Space key (SPACE) will take the site down.
The F11 key will enlarge the screen to full size – another press will reduce it back.
For the avoidance of doubt:
We are committed to making our sites accessible to all people, able-bodied and disabled. On this site you can find the technology that suits your needs. This site is a site usable by the entire population for the most part and with maximum effort. You may find elements that are not accessible because they have not yet been accessed or no suitable technology has been found, and we guarantee that every effort is made to improve and make it accessible at a high level and without compromise. If you encountered difficulty browsing the site and viewing our content, we apologize and would be very happy if you would draw our attention to this. Inquiries and inquiries about the site If you encounter a problem with the site, please report the problem. You can contact us by email. For any issue related to accessibility, you can contact the accessibility coordinator via: Phone: 052-321-7563 E-mail: So that we can handle the problem in the best way, we highly recommend that you attach complete details as much as possible:
Problem Description.
What is the action you were trying to perform?
Link to the page you browsed.
Browser type and version.
Operating System.
The type of assistive technology (if you used it).
Our company will do as much as it can in order to make the site accessible in the best possible way and to answer inquiries in the most professional and fastest way. Update date 18.10.22

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preparation of test specimens with relevance to the final application. Also serves a role in the processabilty evaluation and defining processing parameters of the final product.

Injection molding of samples from elastomers to high temperature materials into a temperature regulated mold. Filament production, from hundreds of grams to hundreds of kgs and printing samples for evaluation of print quality, parameters definition, and material properties. Blown film of a lab-scale bubble, to evaluate film quality and performance


Twin screw extrusion of multiple samples for evaluation of composition (loading level %), processing parameters (Temp, RPM, Throughput), add-on sequence 
(Main, Side, Liquid Inj) etc….

Capable of feeding pellets, powders, liquids, recycled materials and much moreā€¦ Controlling the residance time, degree of mixing, and other process parameters Flexible down stream of water or air cooling for water sensitive materials