Plastics App gathers unique experience and capabilities in a wide range of expertise enabling comprehensive R&D for the realization of great innovative ideas. Among them, you may find:

Processing methods, Pilot Lines

  • Compounding in a Twin Screw Extruder
    • Full flexibility on process parameters, screw configuration, feeding sequence and materials’ form
  • Injection Molding
    • Molding of elastomers to high temperature engineering plastics
    • Standard ISO & ASTM mold
    • Tailor made molds for molding & testing of functional parts
  • Blown Film
  • Tube / Pipe / Profile extrusion
  • Compression molding in a heated regulated press
    • Sample preparation of small batches

Physical & Analytical Analysis

  • Thermal analysis, DSC
    • Melting, crystallization & Tg
    • Material composition determination
  • Spectral Analysis, FTIR / ATR
    • Composition determination
  • Computerized Optical microscopy
    • Impurities & Imperfections
    • Layer thickness determination
    • Fracture surface analysis
  • Density, Specific gravity
  • Ash content and composition determination
  • Shore Hardness
  • Surface resistivity

Mechanical Properties & Flow

  • Tensile, Flexural, Compression properties
    • Testing of molded specimens, films, and other irregular shapes
  • Impact resistance
  • Melt Flow Rate
    • MFI, & MVR

Accelerated weathering and Oxidation Stability

  • UV, Heat & Humidity exposure
    • Relevant testing protocols by ISO & ASTM
    • Various wavelength options
    • Determination of change in properties and color after exposure
  • Oxidation Stability
    • Accelerated oxidation conditions
    • Determination of change in properties and color after exposure
    • OIT – Oxidation Induction Time & Temperature

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preparation of test specimens with relevance to the final application. Also serves a role in the processabilty evaluation and defining processing parameters of the final product.

Injection molding of samples from elastomers to high temperature materials into a temperature regulated mold. Filament production, from hundreds of grams to hundreds of kgs and printing samples for evaluation of print quality, parameters definition, and material properties. Blown film of a lab-scale bubble, to evaluate film quality and performance


Twin screw extrusion of multiple samples for evaluation of composition (loading level %), processing parameters (Temp, RPM, Throughput), add-on sequence 
(Main, Side, Liquid Inj) etc….

Capable of feeding pellets, powders, liquids, recycled materials and much more… Controlling the residance time, degree of mixing, and other process parameters Flexible down stream of water or air cooling for water sensitive materials

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