Throughout the years, Plastics App developed proficiency in the field of 3D printing, namely FFF.  Parallel to developing specialty filaments, serial production of filaments had begun with a trade name Perform V

Perform - U

Perform- U

Speciality TPU filament, having exceptional softness and elasticity, chemical resistance & durability throughout a very wide temperature range
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Perform - P

Perform- P

Polypropylene, PP, the most efficient plastics, now available for 3D printing. Exceptional weight / performance ratio, great chemical resistance, printing of integral hinge and other functional parts.
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Perform - HP

Perform- HP

High Performance filaments, for the most demanding applications and even higher temperatures. PEEK, Ultem and other High Temperature materials.
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Perform - GF & Perform - CF

Perform- GF & Perform- CF

Fiber reinforced filaments for great mechanical strength and stiffness.
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Perform  is produced under the highest possible standards and accuracy used in Plastics App as a common practice.

Every day we add additional grades to our portfolio addressing customer requirements.  From flexible & soft elastomers, Perform-U, to high temperature reinforced engineering plastics, Perform-HP & Perform-GF & Perform-CF, as well as commodity plastics, Perform-P & Perform-S, PP & ABS.

Plastics App is happy to produce for you a tailor-made filament, inquire below.

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