• Plastics App leads applicative innovation in the field of Polymers & Plastics
  • Plastics App has unique combination of academic depth with industrial tempo
  • Plastics App team gathers vast industrial experience and expertise coupled with relevant academical background enabling the development and implementation of top-notch plastics technologies
We are a fast moving, plastics and polymers applicative innovation engineering lab, and a prototype scale (up to 500KG) designer-compound & plastics manufacturer.
Our mission is to fulfill our clients, startups and well established companies’ needs for disruptive plastics and polymers compounding solutions. We are an independent R&D and testing lab, specializing in custom engineered compounds & 3D filaments production.
Plastics App team gathers exceptional engineering & scientific team with strong multi-disciplinary academic expertise and rich industrial experience. Each team member shows proficiency in processing, characterization, and polymer science. The team is led by Dr. Yanir Shaked, one of Israels lead Plastics Engineers known world wide for Compounding, reactive extrusion, and Bio-Plastics

Dr. Yanir Shaked, Founder & General Manager

  • PhD in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts
  • Specializes in Polymer Blends, Engineering Plastics Compounds, Composites, Long Fiber Thermoplastics, Bio-Plastics and Reactive extrusion
  • Former V.P of research and development, Polyram, Israel
  • President of the Israeli Polymers and Plastics Society, ’16-‘18

Roni Efrati, M.Sc., Senior Engineer

  • M.Sc, in Plastics Engineering
  • Vast professional experience in the field of agricultural applications of polyolefins, and encapsulation of essential oils

Mahmoud Igbaria, B.Sc., R&D Engineer

  • B.Sc, in Plastics Engineering
  • Specializes in analytical & failure analysis of polymers
  • Unique experience in the field of nano-coating, testing and compounding

Nitzan Hooker, B.Sc., R&D engineer

  • B.Sc, in Materials Engineering & Chemistry
  • Specializes in experimental planning and testing
  • Unique expertise in testing of food packaging films

 Avi Cohen, B.Sc., R&D engineering

  • B.Sc, in Plastics Engineering
  • Process Engineer in Pilot lines
  • Highly experience in CAD