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We, Plastics App Ltd. (hereinafter: “us”) operate the website (hereinafter: “the website”) which is intended to provide users with information about our products and services, information that can be browsed As part of a quote and/or information that can be browsed as part of our direct mail service.

We encourage you, the website surfers, to read the following privacy policy carefully in order to understand exactly what information we collect about the website surfers as part of the website visit, for what purposes we collect the information and how we use the information we receive from surfers and who are the third parties who receive the information from us and for what purpose.

We will never collect personal information about the surfers without receiving explicit and prior consent from the surfers and we will never sell and/or transfer the personal information we collect to third parties for commercial purposes. At the same time, there is information that is collected about surfers automatically when they visit the website and it is detailed below.

For any inquiries and/or questions regarding the information we collect and/or your privacy, you can contact us by phone, email or regular mail.

Our contact details are:

Plastics App Ltd. 515384854
kibbutz Megido

Section 1 – What personal information do we collect and what do we do with it?

We ask you to provide us with personal information and we collect personal information for the following purposes: (1) in order to provide the surfer with a quote in accordance with his request; (2) in order to allow the user to register for our direct mail service; (3) In order to allow the surfer to use the contact service. (4) In order to allow us to complete the purchase process, the needs and details of the product and delivery, etc., are clear.

The information we ask you to give us is: (1) first and last name; (2) email address; (3) name of the company where the surfer is employed (4) physical address for delivery of the products

(hereinafter: “the information”).

Your information is stored in our database stored on secure servers located in the territories of the State of Israel and we will not transfer the information and/or store it permanently outside the borders of the State of Israel. At the same time, there are third-party service providers who receive the information from us in order to allow us to provide you with certain services as well as so that we can monitor and improve our service. Those third parties who receive the information from us may be located outside the State of Israel, in a country whose level of privacy protection and information security laws are the same and/or higher than the level of privacy protection and information security laws in the State of Israel.

Section 2 – Consent

When you provide us with the information for the purpose of making contact, registering for our direct mail service or to receive a price quote, we will ask for your express consent to collect the information as stated and in order to use it only for the purposes for which the information was given to us.

If we ask you for information for another purpose, such as for a commercial purpose, we will ask for your express consent, or we will give you an opportunity to refuse.

You hereby confirm that you are aware that you are not obligated to provide us with the information and you expressly and voluntarily consent to us collecting the information and storing it in one or more of our databases.

You declare that the information you have provided us is yours, complete and accurate, and given to us voluntarily and knowingly. You hereby confirm and agree that the use we make of the information does not constitute a violation of any right to privacy, and you hereby waive any claim and/or cause of action in relation to a violation and/or injury to you or your right to privacy as a result of the collection of the information and the use we make of it in accordance with this privacy policy.

At any time after you have agreed to provide us with the information, you may change your mind and withdraw the consent you gave us to collect the information, save it and use it for the purposes for which the information was given to us, by contacting us using one of the contact methods listed at the beginning of this privacy policy.

Section 3 – Disclosure of personal information

We will never transfer, sell, rent and/or share the information with third parties for commercial purposes. At the same time, we may disclose and/or share the information with third parties in any of the following cases:

If we are required to do so by law, authorization, court order, or if you have violated one or more of the website’s terms of use and/or this privacy policy;
If we receive notification from third parties, or we have reasonable grounds to suspect, that you have used or intend to use the website, in whole or in part, to engage in or attempt to engage in or induce another to engage in an illegal, infringing, harmful or otherwise immoral activity that is against public policy;
In order to enable our mailing services, or any other service, that we provide to you through subcontractors or third parties;
In the event that we merge with a third party or are acquired by a third party, in whole or in part, and/or otherwise communicate with a third party for the purpose of offering and/or selling all or part of our assets and proprietary rights.

We comply with information security rules and comply with them and take all necessary precautions to protect the information and demand the same level of information security from third parties with whom we work. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee 100% the protection and security of the information by third parties to whom we transfer the information, and you hereby release us from any responsibility, waive any claim and/or cause and/or complaint arising from the violation, improper use, Abuse and/or damages that will be caused to you or the information as a result of an action taken by third parties in relation to the information.

Section 4 – Direct mail service

You may agree to register for our direct mail service and by voluntarily providing the information, in order to register for the direct mail service, you hereby agree to receive advertisements, brochures, surveys and other promotional messages from us via: email, SMS, MMS, instant messaging applications, fax, telephone, regular mail and/or any other form of communication that we find appropriate to use, whether or not it is known at the time of giving your consent or not. By agreeing to sign up for our direct mail service, you waive any claim and/or demand and/or claim regarding the receipt of advertising and marketing communications from us or from third parties acting on our behalf, and hereby confirm that our direct mail actions do not constitute a violation of your rights and that you will not have any claim and/or complaint and/or claim and/or demand from us in relation to receiving direct mail, and as long as you have not removed your name from the direct mail list and you Agree to be subscribed to our direct mailing service.

You may at any time choose not to be included in our direct mail services and inform us that you are no longer interested in receiving advertising messages from us, by sending an email to the contact details listed at the beginning of this privacy policy or by using the “remove” link that appears in all of our advertising messages.

Section 5 – Third party services

In general, third-party providers from whom we receive services collect and use your information only to the extent necessary to enable them to perform the services they provide to us. However, our service providers have their own independent privacy policies with respect to the information we are required to provide them.

We use the services of the aforementioned third parties who receive your email address from us so that we can provide you with our direct mail service and tailor the service to you personally.

We recommend and encourage you to read the privacy policies of the third parties who provide us with services and have privacy policies, in order to understand the manner in which your personal information is handled by the aforementioned providers. We emphasize that the information we transfer to third party providers is kept confidential and secure by the third parties.

Remember that these providers may be located in a different jurisdiction than you or we are located. Therefore, if you choose to receive from us the services involving the services of third-party service providers, your information may be subject to the laws of the domain/jurisdiction in which the service provider or its facilities are located.

Section 6 – Links

When you click on links on our site, you may be directed away from our site. Once you are directed off our site, this privacy policy will cease to apply between us and you. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites, and we recommend that you read their privacy statements in order to understand what information other websites collect about you, for what purpose and in which country the information that those websites collect about you is stored.

Section 7 – Security

In order to protect the information, we use accepted information security measures and comply with the provisions of the law concerning the protection of privacy and information security. We comply with the relevant rules in order to ensure that information is not lost, misused, unauthorized access, disclosed, altered or destroyed. Your information is kept by us on secure servers and its use is made only by those who are authorized to access the information.

Section 8 – Cookies (Cookies: a type of file used by web browsers)

Cookies are computer files that are implanted on the user’s computer through the browser as soon as you enter the website. We use cookies to collect non-identifying information, for the purpose of statistics, improving our service, fixing bugs and other actions required to allow us to maintain the site’s activity on an ongoing basis and to allow you to receive the services you sign up for on the site. We have listed the cookies below so that you can choose whether you want to enable cookies or disable them. Please note that disabling certain cookies may lead to a decrease in the experience of using the website and sometimes prevent access to the website altogether.

Below we list the types of cookies we use on the site:

Functional cookies: These cookies are used to improve the website’s functionality, for example, to monitor and direct the movement of surfers on the website and ensure its proper and continuous operation.

Cookies for statistical analysis: the use of these cookies is intended to allow us to improve the browsing experience on the website by analyzing how the surfers use the website.

Advertising cookies: These cookies are used both by us and by third parties that provide us with services and are intended for advertising, marketing and editorial purposes. Advertising cookies allow us and the third parties that provide us with advertising services to understand the browsing pattern of visitors to the website and other websites, which are not the website, and allow us to offer you content, service and/or products that are relevant to you.

We use cookies from third parties and encourage you to read and understand the cookie policies of the third parties that provide us with services, in the links below:

Google Analytics

Google Ad-words




Section 9 – Age of consent

Your agreement to these terms of service constitutes a representation that you are at least of legal age in your state or district of residence, or that you are of legal age in your state or district of residence and have given us your express consent to allow any minor under your legal custody to use this website and provide us with the information.

Section 10 – Changes to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and in our sole discretion, so please review it often. Changes and clarifications in the privacy policy will enter into force immediately upon their publication on the website. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you on the website that the policy has been updated, so that you can learn what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we use it and/or disclose it to third parties.

Section 11 – Questions and contact information

If you would like to review information about you that is stored in our database, or if you wish to correct or delete information about you that is in our possession

Please submit your inquiry here, our representative will contact you shortly

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preparation of test specimens with relevance to the final application. Also serves a role in the processabilty evaluation and defining processing parameters of the final product.

Injection molding of samples from elastomers to high temperature materials into a temperature regulated mold. Filament production, from hundreds of grams to hundreds of kgs and printing samples for evaluation of print quality, parameters definition, and material properties. Blown film of a lab-scale bubble, to evaluate film quality and performance


Twin screw extrusion of multiple samples for evaluation of composition (loading level %), processing parameters (Temp, RPM, Throughput), add-on sequence 
(Main, Side, Liquid Inj) etc….

Capable of feeding pellets, powders, liquids, recycled materials and much more… Controlling the residance time, degree of mixing, and other process parameters Flexible down stream of water or air cooling for water sensitive materials